Sunday, October 11, 2009


I haven't sewn for myself in at least 30 years. In my 30's I would sew most of my own clothing because I couldn't find what I liked on the rack. At that time I was a very slim young woman and liked putting on pretty clothing. Somewhere along the line my waist started to disappear. Sewing and shopping for my clothing became a chore. Since I didn't like the way things fit, I quit sewing completely. I have taken up the love of sewing with the love of grandchildren! For years I have been making clothes for any of the kids that will wear them (or their mother's would put them on them...LOL). With the newly acquired interest my daughter has shown......I have found new sources and designers of fabric. Recently my daughter introduced me to Tina Givens. Her fabrics are crisp and modern! I love everything she produces:) I ordered this fabric last week and decided to try my hand at sewing for myself again. I was tentative and unsure if I would like making clothes that could hide all the defects that had appeared in my figure. OMG we can't have the arms showing....and about that lack of waistline???? The bustline has burst out of that diminutive 32A to....none of your business:). Can't be cut to deep for fear of showing cleavage and can't have a turtleneck because it draws attention to the fact that my neck has shrunk.....OH MY.......will this work at all????? I started yesterday by cutting out the Tunic (a NEWLOOK pattern No. 6677). With little confidence I started sewing it up this morning. Although the pattern was harder than I thought.....I am happy with the results. I don't want to go overboard here......but, I might try another piece or two!


Dawn said...

You are too funny! I can soooo relate!
Love the tunic!

cindy said...

You look adorable! LOVE the tunic (gah! wish I could sew). And yep I hear ya.

yapping cat

JUST ME said...


you are so adorable!


cheryl kuhn said...

oh I love it! It is very flattering and the colors are stunning, can't wait to see what else you create!

One Crabapple said...

ahhh its so cute ! you are so cute !

I love seeing you , all of you this way ! ha FUN.

Really liking that top

you had me cracking up all the way thru this

hiding this and that , concerns that over ride

WRiting down the pattern name and number and thanks for the tip on TINA fabric. Going to check that out too.

xo-You LOOK CUTE !