Thursday, October 08, 2009

Recycle, Re-use, Re-purpose......

I found an old lamp shade at a Garage Sale several years ago and had great plans.....but somehow, it never was completed! Today I decided to finish it off with my original plan....using vintage sheets and pillow cases also purchased at Garage Sales and Thrift Shops! First I had to remove the old shade which crumpled in my hands. Once it was all cleaned away I started tearing up beautiful old sheets and pillow cases I have been collecting for some time. It took quite a bit of time, but I am happy with the results. Rog attached a chain for me and I made a chain cover to top it off! Perfect for some little "Princess" bedroom.....don't you think?
My camera flash isn't working, thus the blurry and photos:(

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The Decorated House said...

What a fun solution!
Loved seeing your "mess" a few posts back. It just says...I'm creating so perfectly.