Sunday, September 06, 2009

Bike Races....Labor Day Week-End

Our oldest son, Chris Harre, is an avid biker and has been all his adult life. We always try to make at least one race over the Holiday Week-End. We love going to "The Hill" because of the atmosphere and good food:) We took Margo with us to watch Chris take 10th!!!! Doesn't sound like much, but for a Masters40 that works full time and has little time to train......that is GREAT! Congrats Chris...............always enjoy watching you!

In St. Louis we just call it "The Hill", but the reality of it is........a wonderful Italian neighborhood where everyone is very friendly and you can find those wonderful Italian ingredients to make your own Italian specialty. It is also known for some of the best restaurants in the city! Most of them have outside dining of some sort these days which adds to the ambiance. One of our favorites, Zia's, is regrouping after a fire. Hopefully it will be back in full swing in the next couple weeks. Usually this week-end is very hot, but the weather was perfect for the riders and for us:)

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