Monday, August 17, 2009

Back to the Books..................

After all the years of Fall meaning
"back to school"
in one form or another......the feeling is still there as Fall approaches:)
I have been doing SEO work for my son, Chris for the past year or two....
since retiring from teaching.
The work is great because I can do it at home
in the middle of the night in my Jammies:)
You gotta love it!
That takes us to the picture above!
That is our new Community Collage right up the road
from my home here in Eureka, Mo.
It has been some years since I got my Masters and +30 hours,
the excitement is still present!
I love the entire process;
being a student,
being in the company of others that love to learn,
being in the presence of knowledgable people
that have something to teach me:)
Many times I have considered teaching some art classes
at the Community College,
but taking classes is just as exciting.
I will be starting some computer classes next month
will continue in the future!
Wish me luck:)


Charlotte Rossmann said...

Amazing! I'm originally from that part of the world..St. Louis. I was also an art teacher.
I'll have come back and visit soon.
Love the quilt, so beautiful.
Thank you,

Diana said...

Wishing you the very best of luck! Your blog is lovely.