Saturday, July 25, 2009

Home from a Maddie visit...........

My Precious Maddie!
always inspiring....wish we had one in St. Louis

Three table setting at Nell Hill's...........fabulous as always!

Curious Sofa......
one of my favorite stops when in K.C.

I just got home from a few days with my darlings in K.C. Maddie is growing like a weed and is now 7 weeks old. Arica and I did some shopping, a little T.V. (So You Think You Can Dance) and a lot of Maddie!!!!! Jeff accidently locked us outside one night when he was going to bed.....Arica and I were talking out on the back deck! Well, we had NO PHONE and their doorbells don't work. We went to open the automatic gate so that we could go to the front door, but that was locked too*^%$%# Here we were in our jammies with only a monitor in our hands so that we could see the baby, but couldn't get into the house if she needed us! Well...............this turned into a "pee your pants" situation:) We finally got out of the gate and started throwing mulch bark at the second floor window where Jeff was sleeping. After laughing until I had tears running down my cheeks....we were able to wake him! He had no idea what had happened ......we all had a good laugh:)


cheryl kuhn said...

I am so glad to hear that you had such a fun and exciting time on your visit! I love the part about throwing mulch at the funny!!! Maddie is such a sweetie, they grow so quickly at that age!

nelda ream said...

Maddie is such a pretty baby. You certainly made some memories on that visit!

cindy said...

You lucky gurl! CS and NH's all in one shot? I'm sure that my head would explode! LOL.

And funny! Being locked out! :D

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