Tuesday, June 02, 2009


Today was another beautiful day at the Missouri Botanical Gardens:) I got to be with all my babies at the same time:) Milly was her usual two year old self........as you can see in a couple of the photos.....LOL! Running away is one of her favorite tricks:) The kids fed the ducks and HUGE KOI FISH..................LOL. Milly sampled the fish food first thing:) If you are ever in St. Louis, you must visit our "gardens".....they are fabulous!


Teri said...

What a nice family outing. I've been there a few times over the years and it is beautiful. I make my guys suffer through it. lol. To them being outdoors needs to involve a baseball or a golfball. lol. I, also, make them go to the museum---they need a little culture!! (unfortunately their favorite spot is the leather couches in the lobby!--oh, well it doesn't stop me)

Dawn said...

The photos brought back memories of my twinnie boys. One had straight hair like that....the other had curly hair. Actually...it helped people to connect their names. Tyler had the straight hair ( straight letter T )
and Zach had the curly hair ( "curly" letter Z)
It worked!
BTW: You look like one proud grandmother.

JUST ME said...


What fun, fun, fun... I loved the gardens and my boys and I and my hubby tooo enjoyed feeding the fish....How are the peonies right now??????? Loved walking through the area with all the peonies....

Blessings to you and yours.


Tautchia said...

Looks like you had a lovely day with your family!
I have always wanted to visit the Gardens in St. Louis. I live so close, it's really a shame that I have never made it a priority. I think this spring would be a great time to go. A nice day trip, I think.
The fish & duck pond looks like it must have been a lot of fun for the kiddos.