Sunday, June 28, 2009

Time with Babies..............

Today, I went to get the twins (since we had been away for a week and were missing our babies) while Rog went to pick up Margo. I got a chance to see the twins new swing set all assembled! wonder Sheila calls it "The Nannie"!!!! They sure didn't have things like this when I was raising my kids:) Then, it was off to the pool! Rog and I decided that we would try taking three of was GREAT! They all minded so well and were so much fun to watch. Papa got Hunter to go down the slide while I sat in the shallow end with Margo and Chase. Weather couldn't have been better (80's). Last week while on vacation it was 96 to 98 every day!!!!! The guys managed to play 18 holes in the heat each day, I might add:)

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