Monday, June 08, 2009

Grandchildren Angels by Cheryl Kuhn

This was my first purchase from the talented Cheryl Kuhn.......
I bought it to represent my first grandchild.....
That was 6 years ago:)
This is my little collection of "Baby Angels"

representing each of my grandchildren,

done by Cheryl Kuhn!

She is one of my favorite assemblage artists


I cherish each and every one of these pieces.

As luck would have it.....

I had commissioned her

to make a piece to represent our latest addition, Madison!

When we arrived home from the birth in K.C.......

there was my piece waiting for me!

Timing couldn't have been any better:)

Thank you Cheryl.......

I love my little collection!

Visit her blog and see more of her creations:)

This is the latest representing "Maddie"!

This was purchased when we knew that Milly was on her way:)

This became mine when we were aware that twin boys were in our future!
I display these in our bedroom
so that they are the last thing I see before I fall off to sleep each night,
the first thing I see when I wake:)

1 comment:

cheryl kuhn said...

Linda, congratulations of the blessed arrival of your grandaughter!! She is so beautiful and I was honored to be able to create a piece for you. Thanks so much for all your kind words and for giving my creations such a wonderful home to be in!!...hugs, Cheryl