Sunday, June 21, 2009

Flowers in my Garden...........

Mandevilla on my deck.
Hydrangea that has been growing for about 8 years now:)

My Stargazer Lily blooms for me each year .....always more beautiful than the year before!

New Lacecap Hydrangea I put in this year to replace a plant that died. It is supposed to bloom blue:)

Looking from the patio to the kids play area.

Daylilies that the deer didn't get:)

Portulaca that I just planted in this wonderful head planter that I have shown you before:)


manila property said...

lovely garden and i so love your flowers..

cheryl kuhn said...

what beautiful photos,how lucky you are to be surrounded by the beauty provided by mother nature!

Susan Tuttle said...

Hi there:)

Your garden looks glorious!

I really enjoyed your beautiful work in the latest Somerset Studio!


nelda ream said...

So beautiful. Just like a magazine spread. Just saw the reprint of your article in Handcrafted. Congratulations.