Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Thank you Pam and Nelda:)

Thanks to Nelda Ream and Pam Garrison......I finally started on a new piece of art! Girls, I sure needed the inspiration!!!!!

This morning I started working with a box I found at a thrift store several weeks ago!

I loved the shapes but had NO IDEA of what to do with it:( After seeing Pam's post on pieces she had just finished for her family room wall............I was inspired....YEA

Nelda had spoken this morning about changing course and trying something new to get her muse going.........................Thanks again for the push!

I decided to do a "self portrait" of sorts! I pulled out all the things that have meaning to me and started laying it all out on the floor. What a mess I made, but oh so much fun!

At this point I only have the basics glued down with more to come, but I thought I would share since it has been a while since I posted any artwork.


nelda ream said...

This looks really cool, Linda. Love that box.

cheryl kuhn said...

Your creation is simply stunning! Love the mix of natural items mixed in with man-made items, is'nt it great to get a burst of inspiration and see what direction it takes you!

cindy said...

Cooooool! :D

yapping cat