Monday, May 25, 2009

So here we are at 3:47 am..................

Autism is such a strange disorder in many ways. One area many deal with is an unusual sleeping pattern. Margo has many sleepless tonight! After going to bed at 9:00, she suddenly awakes at 1:00am. Since she has little language and needs to make herself heard.....she screams. We have gotten used to this (sort of) and go to sleep with one eye open:) After ignoring her for a few minutes, hoping she will fall back asleep.......we both get up! One of us volunteers to stay up....not always happily. It is now almost 4:00am and Margo and I have retreated to the lower level so Papa can catch some sleep. Here she is standing by my computer while I type this post. One must have patience while dealing with an Autistic child or adult. Your time is never your own, because they might need you at any moment in time. I am not complaining, just explaining this late night post:)


Studio Panorama said...

Linda, could you email me? I am also the grandma of an autistic girl. I may have some solutions to your sleeping woes. It certainly has worked well for my granddaughter. She, like your sweetheart, used to be up at all hours of the night. Now, at 7 yrs old, she sleeps very well.

Nancy Maxwell James said...

My student has the same problem and often comes to school exhausted, although since he is now older it "seems" to be better than 4 years ago when I first started working with him. Hugs!