Saturday, May 09, 2009

Second Time Around..................

New fountain installed in the back yard......the sound is musical!

Backyard fountain relocated in the front bed:)

Last Fall, some of you will remember......I rearranged this bed and got rid of most of the plantings since the trees had grown and it had become a shade garden rather than it's original status as a sunny bed:) Well, I couldn't find the photos so that you could make the comparison....but I had to re-do it again!!!!! The Boxwood I transplanted didn't weather well over the winter and looked terrible this Spring....yuck! What I really wanted were some English Velvet Boxwood, but they ran more than I was willing to spend. After much thought, I purchased these Arborvitea......almost like little spheres which is what I wanted. These ran me 6.00 ea. at Walmart and did the trick. Once the Hydrangeas and Hostas grow I think the bed will be pretty:) Do you see the little fountain in the background? Upper left corner of the pic! We moved that from the back yard....where we replaced it with a wonderful vintage 3 tier fountain I purchased at "Recycled Rose":) I am lovin it!

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Back Porch Musings said...

I love both fountains! We need a new one for the front garden, but moved the bird bath up from the creek, for now.

Your gardens are beautiful, Linda!

Happy Mother's Day!