Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Playing with Paint, Picasa and Gimp!

I will keep this short, but when our computer died last Christmas....I lost all my programs:( Many of them couldn't be copied on more than one computer and others were older and I couldn't find the CD's. I was upset because some of the programs were very valuable to me. program lost was Adobe Photoshop Elements! I used it all the time and was soooo sad when I couldn't find the disk! Today in desperation...I typed "free photo altering program" and low and behold!!!!!! Up popped an answer.......Try is very similar to Adobe Elements and FREE! Well here are some of the results:) No fine art here, but sure a lot of fun! I really want to learn the layering and combining images. That will take awhile I fear.

A watercolor I was working on combined with Picasa has some interesting results.

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