Wednesday, April 29, 2009

What inspires you?????

This is a small 12" X 12" canvas I did some time ago! At the time, my sis liked it and took it to reside in her home:) I really liked it and not too long ago.....she brought it back to me! It still affected me the same way and I wanted to find a place where I could see it often. I decided on hanging it in my kitchen. Well............that started the ball rolling. For sometime I had a couple of tall glass containers with FAKE lemons and limes in them. That never did sit quite right with me.....I am not a big fan of fake flowers either:( Anyway, once I hung the picture I went on a search to find something more natural for my containers. After visiting many stores......I found some (sort of) natural materials and am really happy with the results. Thought I would share a few pics!

Funny what inspires you to make a change....not that I really need much...LOL


Debby said...

What a beautiful painting, love the bright, bold colors.

Sheila W said...

I LOVE the painting! Love orange!