Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Haven't heard from MOST of you in a long time:(


Don't forget that those of us that blog regularly


really appreciate hearing from some of you!!!!

It is hard to stay enthusiastic

when there aren't any comments left!

Just a "Hi" would be so appreciated :D

It would mean that you are out there


are enjoying what you are seeing.

This goes for ANY BLOG that you enjoy........not just mine :)

hugs, Linda


Studio Panorama said...


I am a lurker, but, do enjoy reading your blog.

Karin said...

Hi Linda!! I'm always peeking in on your blog to see what you're up to. I've been so bad at leaving comments lately....I Love those little bunnie houses! They are so adorable!! Thanks so much for stopping by. I'm getting used to the wig!

Миловика said...

Hi Linda! My name is Viktoria.
I'm from Russia, and my English isn't good. But I like to read your blog!

madrekarin said...

Ack. You caught me. :) I will, from now on, leave you a love note in yoru comments.

lindaharre said...

Hi......Studio Panorama:) Thanks Bev for leaving a comment! I REALLY appreciate it.......I couldn't find your blog or I would have left a comment there! Linda

Dawn said...

Hey Linda....!
While I'm here, I love the bunny houses.

Amy said...

Hi Linda!

I always enjoy your blog!


Mommy Lynda said...

I'm a lurker but love seeing what you are doing.

Phyllis said...

Hey Linda,

I'm visiting all my bookmarked places this weekend and wanted to say hi to you. I tend to visit the same few all the time, but this weekend, I'm making a point to check in on everybody. I LOVE the bunny village!

becky f. said...

hi linda! i know you have left me a couple of messages lately and i thank you. lucky you to have a commissioned piece. it is so much more inspiring to make something for a specific person. take care and thanks for giving me the little nudge that i needed.

JUST ME said...

Hello, Hello, Hello,

I have been so out of touch even with my own blog. Work has definitely taken over my life so I apologize that I have not been around much to just drop by and say hello.....

I hope you had a wonderful weekend with your wonderful family.

I am dreaming of Fruehlingfest already.... Do you plan on going again this year. It was fantastic last year.

You take care Linda.....


cindy said...

Hi! Hey gurl, been meaning to ask how your boothie is doing.....slow over here, but this time of year ALWAYS is. Hope you are doing well.


One Crabapple said...

hiiii - yeeee !

xo always- s.