Saturday, December 27, 2008

Christmas Sales...........

With all the retail stores having their "after Christmas Sales".....

I thought I would head to my local thrift store

to see if they were having a SALE also


sure enough, all the furniture was 1/2 OFF!

Sandy and I have decided to concentrate on furniture

in our Antique Mall Booths.

The small items don't sell very well and we have been left with many things

we need to dispose of..............china, figurines, silver and glassware.

We are planning on completely changing the look of our booths :)

I found an old fashioned "ice chest"


some darling chairs in need of some tender loving care!

Along with some table clothes,

a white chipped granite pan


a book on Laura Ashley

I was on my way! HAPPY AS A CLAM!

Above are pics of the pieces with their new finishes. Now it is time to find chair strapping and some fabric for cushions!


Judy said...

Wow you are amazing and very "thrifty" indeed.
Happiest and healthiest of New Years my friend.

nelda ream said...

Those chairs are fabulous in black. Sounds like you are taking a good direction in your new venture. Wish you much success in the New Year.

cindy said...

*sigh* Wish I lived closer...I would come shop for sure! : D