Friday, November 28, 2008

Thanksgiving and Black Friday!

Jeff and Arica came in from K.C. and we started the long week-end with a lovely Thanksgiving Dinner at my sister's house in Kirkwood! In the past several years the crowd has really enlarged with the addition of 6 little ones! Next year we will have another little one joining us.......from the K.C. clan :)
After a rigorous day of shopping and working at our booth at the was home for a nap and then an evening of fun with the kids gathering for pizza and game playing! We, Rog and I, purchased the "Wii" Game System for Christmas and Chris got us about 50 new games for it....WOW is that fun! The twins can even play some of the simple games......LOL. I had fun with the "Dancing With The Stars" game as did several of the others. The men really enjoyed the carnival games. Bowling was fun when we all got to play.....but......I managed to "deck" Chase when I playing tennis. Poor baby.....I hope he will forgive me :(

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What fun.

Blessing to you and yours.