Wednesday, November 05, 2008

So Proud to be an AMERICAN!


I have never been as interested or as supportive of a candidate as I was this year! We need CHANGE and I believe that this man can bring back the respect to this office! A man of intellect and integrity is needed in these hard times. Personally, I look forward to doing all I can to support this PRESIDENT! I pray for a more united U.S.A...............

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JUST ME said...

I hear ya Linda....

I was balling my eyes out yesterday. We do need some change and I think he is the man to do it. There is something about him. Something peaceful and trusting. I HOPE he accomplishes what he intends to do. To be honest I have never really sat through any political talks from any president. Maybe I am dumb for not being interested in politics, but OBAMA, I promise you, has changed the way I view politics. I HAVE NEVER VOTED not even in this election, but YESTERDAY I finally realized that I should have and that in the future if there is someone that I believe in, like OBAMA, I will definitely vote. HE is the first to put a spark in my interst for polictics.

I hope you are doing wonderfully.