Monday, November 24, 2008

"Rail Rack Troads"

When my youngest was a baby, he made up his own words for thing......which was always such a treat to me....LOL The love of trains never seems to pass a generation:D The twins spent the night with us Saturday and were fascinated with with the Christmas Train Rog had put up for them:)


PAT said...

Hi Linda...I'm sitting with my feet up, in J's recliner, here at the lake, visiting all through blogland, catching up, this evening!

I enjoyed my visit here and all the photos of the kids.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Teri said...

How sweet. I remember when my 2 were at that stage, it was so much fun. Someday, I hope to have grandkids and I can relive all of that once again. sigh. Enjoy!

Dawn said...

Love this...
Brings back memories from my twinnie boys back in the day.

Blessings on you this Thanksgiving!