Wednesday, November 19, 2008

CREATE YOUR OWN STAMPS.....a tutorial!

Fun way to make your own stamps out of anything that has a texture!!!!!
Get a sheet or like I did.....some of those door hangers....made of artsy foam at your local Michael's or craft store.

Using your heat gun.....simply circle with heat the area you plan to make your stamp from:D your textured piece in the hot spot on the foam and press

Here I simply used a rubber stamp I had to demonstrate:D

Here you can see the stamp that was created in the the way....this can easily be erased by heating it again with the gun! This makes your foam piece usable over and over again!

Once you have a stamp you like and want to keep......cut it out and mount it onto a piece of cardboard or matt board for future use:D

If you try this technique....please send me a note or better yet a pic of your creation! Have fun the possibilities are endless:D HAPPY STAMPING!


cindy said...

How fun is that? I love it!


Judy said...

brilliant my dear.

nelda ream said...

This is wonderful. Thanks for the tutorial.