Saturday, October 11, 2008

St. Louis Autism Walk 2008...and...Pillows as Promised!

Today was the Annual Walk for Autism Awareness! There were thousands of people there in teams to support their loved ones. I was brought to tears by some of the family with 11 yr. old triplets....all with Autism:( OMG....just when you feel sorry for yourself there is someone standing right next to you with it so much harder!!!!!!! Carrie had made shirts that read "Team Margo" and the girls looked so cute:) They had a wonderful event to bring Autism Awareness to the general public! Our team only was 9 strong, but many of Margo's therapists, teachers and shadows were there along with many of Margo's friends from nursery school and kindergarten:D I only hope they raised loads of money for research!

Below is the pic of the pillows I mentioned in the last post! Probably lame for you sewing princesses out there.....but.....just a little something for their beds to remind them that Christmas is coming:) (I will probably give these to them at Thanksgiving). The large Santa pillow case isn't made yet. That will be for Margo's Big Girl Bed! The prints are from a ME panel I found at my local quilt store:D



Sheila W said...

OH I love them.......sorry you could not surprise me of course you knew I would look :-)!!!!

Can't wait to see them in person! Thanks! What a wonderful keepsake and decoration for their bed each year! THANKS!

nelda ream said...

These pillows are so pretty and cheerful. Is it really time to be thinking of Christmas again? Time flies!