Monday, October 06, 2008

Remember Libby?


Some of you will remember Libby from a past post! Libby is the grandbaby of one of my best friends:D Libby was born with more than her share of problems. Libby is a "Downs Syndrome Baby" with heart and lung problems. Although she has had several major surgeries already.....the most difficult will take place tomorrow morning at approximately 8:00am. Libby has two holes in her heart that must be patched and only one valve that must be divided and made into two. Her lungs are not very strong and they are predicting this operation to take 4 to 6 hours!!!!!!!! If you believe in the power of prayer.....I beg of you to say a prayer for Libby, her mom, Cathy and her dad, David. They are strong Christians and have been so positive through all of this, but I am sure that some extra prayers would be welcome:D Thank you so much for reading this.......I will post her progress when I hear it tomorrow.


Donna O. said...

Of course, I am sending good thought to Libby as we speak.
PS- Your cards below are very pretty.

Sheila W said...

This makes you remember that all the little things we worry about each day are so unimportant. It puts it all in perspective. Chris and I are so lucky to have each other such healthy boys as well as wonderful families.

Say It In Color said...

I found this site thru Nelda Reams...from a comment....I think....anyway...I am a believer and I will certainly pray for this precious creation and her family who cherish her....In His Hands....sherry peck....that you for being brave enough to admit Christianity....I find it less and less....blessings!