Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Time Flys......

Oh how they have grown.....it is hard to believe as I look back through my photos that these two little boys were just babies a season or two ago!!!! They are my precious little boys and will spend the next 5 days with Papa and I:D I have so many things planned.....Eureka Fall Carnival, walk in the Arboretum (Mo. Botanical Gardens), Train ride in Wildwood, shopping for winter clothes and just playing with grandma and papa!
Their mommy and daddy are such outstanding parents with all their energy going to making these two little boys well behaved, well rounded and self confident!!!!! They are constantly teaching them by example and I love it! They have a schedule that makes the boys life so much easier than a lack of routine! These two actually eat at meal time, clean off their plates and cups (at home they eat at their little table and chairs) when they are through, go to sleep at nap time and hug when they have hurt the other! They are so well behaved and listen to what you tell them! For that reason.....I am REALLY LOOKING FORWARD to having them for 5 days! What a treat this will be................................



Becky said...

Hey Linda-
It is amazing how much has happened in the last three years- I remember before Milly was born, when these little guys were born...thanks for letting us all in on this little slice of your life!
love, becky

Leslie said...

Precious two -- my inspiration they are! Well, and you of course!

The source of all my sunlight is just 7 months old, and Thursdays are quite exhausting just now!

Thanks for sharing!