Saturday, August 09, 2008

Work Day on a couple of Thrifting Finds...

My sis and I spent Friday working on two pieces I found at Goodwill!!! The pic doesn't show the broken pediment at the top of the china cabinet, but it is really cute! It took us all day to sand these two pieces. The china cabinet had to be sanded inside and out because it had a really glossy finish. I used the palm sander while Sandy used sanded in all the small areas....WOW quite a job....but the results are lookin really good! The little table was in pretty bad condition, but should look cute next to the sofa in the Piano Room when it is finished. That is where I plan on putting the china cabinet as well:D Sandy took the hardware and is going to have it nickel plated for me! That should really give the Pottery Barn look to the piece:)
Rog came home and ran for his camera.......evidently he thought we looked pretty silly out in the front with paint all over us:D I had paint in my nose and on my lips...not to mention the mustache ......LOL I never claimed to be an accomplished furniture refinisher!


Sharon said...

ya'll are having too much fun. Love the little table

JUST ME said...


You and your SIS look so cute and so happy.

Peace to you!


The Queen of Fifty Cents said...

Fabbo pieces! We painted a similar china cabinet black too, but painted the interior a lovely yellow. The contrast is really snappy!

Mosaic*Queen said...

Wow!!! What an Awesome find!!!
Nice to hear from you!!!

Michelle :-)

nelda ream said...

At least you didn't spray paint your feet black like I did. Your Goodwill finds are looking great. They are so chic now with the dark finish. Hope you'll show us how you placed them in the finished room.