Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Don't Look Too Close......


I finally finished the little quilt top I had started sometime ago:D
BOY....Accuracy doesn't seem to be my strong suit!
When it comes to all these little 2 1/2" squares my errors are just magnified.
I took it to the quilting lady last week and think I need to try this again:D
I need to brush up on cutting 101.....LOL!
I have a bunch of scraps from Margo's dresses
think I will try again:D
These little prints are from the new Mary Englebreit Collection.
Love the old fashioned look to the entire thing:)


Pearl said...

I've always wanted to quilt, but accuracy has never been my forte. I'm more of a fly-by-the-seat-of-my-pants gal.



Dawn said...

Love the prints!!!! I was just surfing in Hancock's this morning...looking at that same fabric.
Very appealing...

I'm not one of those exact quilters..

madrekarin said...

Linda- It's beautiful!! The colors are so vibrant and cheery. I think your mistakes must be invisible, because I don't see them. :)
Keep quilting!

Mom2fur said...

I think it's absolutely beautiful. I've made a few quilts myself, and like you, I advise people not to look too close! Hey, if they're going over your work with a magnifying glass, you've already lost 'em...so don't even worry about it.
Or else say, "I meant to do it like that!"

Mary Timme said...

You said it best. I can't cut worth a darn either. I think it is in the stars kind of thing, some us aren't meant to cut with rotary cutters in life!

lindaharre said...

You all are too kind! There ARE plenty of mistakes....but I did learn a lot:D I am going to give this pattern one more try before I hang up my scissors.....LOL