Thursday, July 10, 2008

Another Fantastic Meal from my Sis's Kitchen:D

Sandy had us over last night for dinner and "SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE". She fixed the most delicious Rigatoni, using chicken Italian sausage from Whole Foods! I plan on posting the recipe later because it was soooooo good! Breaking bread with those we love makes life so rich!!!!!
We are both hooked on the dance program!!!!! We not only watch it, but instant replay many of the dances to see them again and again:D We hate missing a second.....and don't even respond when spoken to....we are told...ha..ha! We agree that WILL is definitely a FABULOUS dancer as well as Chelsie H. TWITCH and KHERINGTON are WONDERFUL too! I think my favorites are KATEE and JOSHUA when it comes down to it:D Last year my sis and I went to see them when the tour came to St. gotta love it!
Speaking of Reality T.V.......the winner of Hell's Kitchen is Christine....a little St. Louie girl...YEA! Only 25 and she will be running Ramsey's rest. LONDON! WOW, how exciting is that!
Tomorrow we plan on working together to power-wash her deck. Should be interesting without the men around to tell us how to do it......LOL! I think we can manage though:D I will post pics if we get a shot here and there:D


Tammy said...

How fun to be so close to your sister and be able to enjoy one anothers company. No sisters here, so I am envious. The meal looks delisious. Please do post the recipe, as my husband LOVES italian foods. Thanks! Tammy

Beth said...

we are also hooked on this show and nobody can talk to me while I'm watching it...and if they do, they get the hand !!!