Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Midnight Garden

There is something very soothing about a well groomed garden.......it soothes the inner soul and gives a sense of well being! This is the first year I can remember that my gardens were ready to enjoy by June 1st. Normally I am still in school until next week, and then and only then can I even think about cleaning out the beds. Reason No. 33 for enjoying retirement....LOL! Will they ever end (the reasons that is?).
Each and every morning.....I make my first cup of tea and go to the deck. I sit on the second step down and just enjoy the view, the smells, the breeze, the sounds and the rising of the sun! Does it get any better than this?............I don't think so! Rog comes and joins me with his coffee and we quietly sit and tell each other how lucky we are:D We both work hard in the yard and the fruits are enjoyed equally! We spend almost all of our summer time outside. We have a small front porch where sit and chat or read, a deck off our kitchen that we use as a summer living room, a small deck off of our bedroom that we use in the evenings for star gazing, a patio that is an extension of our family room downstairs and a covered area under our deck where the children play and Rog and I spend time swinging! Rog has a hammock poised and ready for him at the end of the workday also:D
We love our windows open and hesitate to turn on the air conditioning until the last minute! We still open the windows at night so that we can hear the crickets, frogs and other night noises (like the Burlington Northern passing through town).
Tonight I took my new camera out (in the pitch dark) and took these pictures of the front garden. These beautiful specimens were smiling at us when we ventured out this morning. They have looked like they would burst open for the past two or three day.....but today was the day:D
I hope you are enjoying this warm weather and that your garden is putting a smile on your face and peace in your heart.........


nelda said...

Can I come sit on the porch with you? It's too hot to sit out here.

Beth said...

gosh....your pictures are always so great and now the description of your outdoor living areas...well, what a beautiful place you have.

you and Rog are very lucky !!!

{and I also wait till the very last second before I turn on the air conditioner}