Sunday, May 04, 2008



We went to Maeystown, Ill. today (on fellow blogger, Angie's, suggestion) WOW.....What fun we had. The day couldn't have been more beautiful:D This darling little town is a hidden treasure in the farm country of Southern Ill. The creek running behind the Old Rock Mill reminded me of the River Dee in picturesque and calming:D My daughter and I took Milly with us and Sheila, Chris and the twins met us there. Carrie and I found many treasures along with several old friends:D Always a good thing! Angie and Michelle were the first we ran into and then.....I spied a very familiar that I hadn't seen in 43 yrs. (believe it or not). I called her name and she turned.....sure enough it was a sorority sister of mine from college days. That was another treasure of the day! Carrie and I had quite an adventure. We headed home only to run into a fabulous garage sale....the clearing out of an old barn because they were moving! Well, did I mention that said garage sale giver had been an antique dealer years ago.....OH YES! Well, we not only made a haul, but drove all the way back home.....dropped off Milly and purchased items.....and headed all the way back:) Yes, we had found some remarkable furniture and some remarkable prices and couldn't pass it up. On our way back I forgot to make one little turn and......we went 30 miles out of our way@##$#$% Let's just put it this way.....the day started at 9:00 am and I didn't reach home until 8:20 tonight (like Sanford and Son.....with furniture strapped to the top of my car.....LOL) REALLY!


Sanja said...

great pics!
wonderful work on here, so glad i found your blog!:-)

missy j said...

I am so bummed I missed you guys. We didn't make it over there until about 2:30. We passed up the town! We used to go over there every weekend years ago, when my husband's grandparents lived there. Well, they moved the highway! We kept waiting to drive THRU you by-pass it! We only went as far as Red Bud. So, we had a little detour too.
Great pics! I didn't get too many.

Linda said...

Wow; I was at the Maestown event, too! Too bad we didn't see each other. What a great day it was weatherwise.(Good thing I missed the barn sale!) linda s.

nelda said...

Wow, what a day! Wish I could have been with you!!