Friday, May 02, 2008


First of all........LIBBY is home and doing well.....Thanks to all of you that have showed concern and have offered prayers!!!! I am sure God is listening:D

Next, I am sure that some of you have been scratching your heads and saying....."I thought she retired!" She used to post almost every day and sometimes two or three times a day...and....THAT WAS WHEN SHE WAS WORKING!" Well, you are right.......go figure:D But to keep you all at bay.....LOL....I thought I would show you a little of what I have been doing:D Now, keep in mind that this is the first SPRING in almost 20 years that I have had REAL TIME to work in my garden getting ready for Summer!!!! It used to be an hour here and an hour there.....but never days of time. It has been fabulous! I have been refinishing furniture for myself, selling on (all the books and materials I have collected for 20 yrs. for teaching). I have still been selling on Ebay and making weekly trips to the thrift stores to collect items:D Always fun, I might add!
I have taken many pieces of my outside furniture (usually thrifted) and painted with oil base enamel for good weathering. We have painted all the wrought iron furniture and the arbor as well. After ridding a complete garden of overgrown, gone crazy perennials.......(what a chore)...I have started replanting. When we moved in 10 yrs. ago I brought many plants with me and had no idea what the growth of trees and new decks would do to the sunlight! Now, with time to spare, I have re-organized those spaces with the appropriate plants and trees:D
Below you will see a darling little chest I purchased at Goodwill for a mere 30.00 and once painted couldn't take to the MALL!

and see things ready for the antique mall and things ready to be shipped off from Ebay sales!!!!! Also, notice the stack of books....OH MY....did I really own that many books for teaching (that is just the tip of the iceberg:D ) Those are listed on to clean out a couple more shelves in my studio!

Now below here you can see some finds that have been refurbished, reused and repainted!!! Lots of sanding has been going on around here. Do you see that large piece in the middle? Well, another find that may never make it past the garage doors....LOL! I think that piece might be just what I need in my piano room:D I am thinking black....what do you think?

And last but not mulch extravaganze and garden delights:D This is what gets me up every morning......I am in heaven when I am working in the garden. I transplanted so many plants out of that bed I spoke of earlier and am just excited to see them blooming in their new locations......It is raining and that is why the pictures look sooooooo green..Ha..Ha! ANyway, that is it from here, but at least you now know that I am not just sitting here twiddling my thumbs!!!! I really have been getting something done....just....not artwork! I will get back into my studio when the weather turns HOT! Oh, by the way, I do have several articles coming out in Somerset publications the end of this month...



missy j said...

Girl, you need to get to So. Co. I NEED YOUR HELP! I am scared to death of planting. My yard SUCKS and I am too scared to do much We did buy a big a#% tree today. I have a corner thingy going on... and well, i just need help. Did you know I have your pictures from your deck and back yard in my inspiration journal? yep, you ROCK!

missy j said...

I won't be at the store until 5, so if you make it, and I miss you, have fun!

Jill said...

Oh my dear!!! You HAVE been busy. So glad to hear Libby is home.
Your garden is spectacular. I am so envious of you spending long chunks of time tending to your landscape... if only we could warm up a little around here... and stay warm.... ahhh... soon!
Be kind to yourself after all that hard work... soak in a hot bubble bath and take lots of deeeeeep breaths!

cindy said...

Everything looks so pertty, dup pics and all! Will look forward to those Somerset articles and LOVE those dishes with the floral and red band...cute! How are sales in the old booth? Mine are stinky! LOL. : D


nelda said...

Your yard looks like something straight out of a magazine. It's beautiful! So glad Libby is home and doing well. She reminds me of another angel I knew, named Emily, who also had Downs. Emily was a joy to everyone who knew her. She was such a gift from God.