Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Oh...the Wonders of it All!


I think my favorite time of the year is Spring! The growth has been something to behold this year....due to the endless days of rain:D Everything is bigger and brighter than I ever remember it before. My Clematis are twice the size of years past.......it reminds me of living in the Northwest:D Here in my backyard this morning I couldn't resist a few shots.....a few?????? Anyway, here is a collage of what I was looking at. I have started from scratch in one bed and planted a Rhododendron, some Creeping Jenny, Wild Ginger and a Tulip Tree. The border is looking great as well......that is where I placed all the plants I took out of the garden I am redoing:D The Iris are starting to bloom as well as the "Pinks" (not sure of the real name). I put in another Knock-Out Rose bush and hope to see some results this year.....last year the deer ate the entire bush down to the ground:( My Hosta are always thrilling to me.....because of their size and color! All so magnificent!!! Remember that head from last year? Well, this year if is hanging on the stairs to the deck and filled with one of my favorite Portulaca plants:D Just thought I would share before heading off to my favorite little shop with my journals tucked under my arm.....you got it...."Recycled Rose". Till later...........Linda


Teri said...

How beautiful! This is my favorite time of year too. I worked out in my yard all day Saturday and by Sunday felt muscles I forgot I had!! ha

nelda said...

"Goodness gracious, girl! When do you sleep?" But your yard is beautiful.