Thursday, May 29, 2008

New Grandchildren Journals:D

I had picked up some old glass milk bottle tops several years ago.....but had never used them! Last night I asked Rog if he could cut a hole in the front of some of the vintage books so that I could use these class pieces as little windows into the interior of the books! He used a drill bit that he uses to cut the hole for the lock workings in a new door. It is large (approx. 1 1/2" opening) with the center hollow. This worked perfectly......and I started on some new journals for Margo and Milly! I don't believe I have ever shared Margo's Book.....but maybe I will someday! Here you see the covers and Margo's inside get the idea? I will post progress as I continue:D


nelda said...

What a wonderful idea! Love it!!

madrekarin said...

Linda- It is beautiufl! What a great idea for the lids.
Your creativity is genius!

cindy said...

What a cool idea! Your journals are always so beautiful! I love the way you put them together.


Jeanne said...

I always love the journals you make for your grandchildren. They certainly are lucky to have such a creative grandma!