Friday, May 09, 2008


After 7 months without having my baby girl spend the night.....
Yesterday was the DAY!
I went to Margo's school to teach an art lesson at the end of the school day.....
which was really fun.
Once I took her home from school and was ready to head for home myself.....
I threw out..."You want to come home with Nana and Papa?"
Now, let me add here that that question has been getting an emphatic
for the past months:(
I felt that we had broken the routine around Thanksgiving
with don't want to change routines! back to yesterday......
with my question.... came a smile and a running for the door.
I didn't really think I would get her in the car,
but sure enough...
once outside she headed straight to the car door!
Well, we were taking it one moment at a time,
which lead to dinner, bath, jammies and finally bed at about 9:30!
Not only did she go to bed, but NO fussing or crying:D
That all lasted up to 3:30 this morning when she woke up and wasn't sure where she was!
Well, once I got in there....all was well
(although she never went back to sleep).
She and grandma played,
read books
sat by the fire:D
It was a TOTAL JOY!!!
I have been waiting a LONG....LONG....LONG.....time for this.
It was all giggles, laughing and pure grandma FUN!
Here are a few pics of the past 24 hrs.
I think we are back on track now:D:D:D:D


Roxy with the Moxy said...

I'm so glad she's coming around. This might just be the big break-through... It seems the key is at least "turning in the lock", if not turning the knob--(if you get my drift) luv you, sis

JUST ME said...

I am so happy for you Linda...I can feel how much you love her so I am very happy that this is finally happening. I wish I knew a little bit about autism. I am not going to pretend I do, but I am glad that she is wanting to spend time with her grammy.


Sharon said...

Sweet precious memories. I think I know how your heart is feeling.
Just happiness!

cindy said...

Oh Linda, that is such wonderful news! I know you enjoyed that time together. I do miss the time with "our girls" (nieces), so enjoy it all that you can.
As for my booth, about the same, the gas $$$ is cutting into everyone's fun money.


nelda said...

Woo Hoo! Good for you, Nana!

Becky said...

linda-your entries about margot are so touching and full of love. both of you are so lucky to have each other.