Friday, April 18, 2008

Getting there........

The yard is starting to shape up.....with a lot still to be accomplished:D I took out one complete garden this year. It had gotten out of control over the past 10 yrs. and it was starting to look a bit wild!!!! I purchased a Rhododendrom with a beautiful red bloom and a Tulip Tree....something I have coveted for many years! The trees are SPECTACULAR:D We head outside the first thing every morning to enjoy the view. What you see is our front garden and the area around the back patio!


Remember that bathroom make-over? Well, the molding is finished and looks fabulous! Thanks sweetie:D I am lovin the brown (Nell Hill Paint....Molasses).


Cambria said...

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Lee W. said...

wow- that's quite s stunning yard/garden. And I love the bathroom!

Look Beyond The Picket Fence said...

Your yard is beautiful. The molding in your bathroom turned out fantastic. The deep brown against the white is stunning. Denise

cindy said...

Oh man...LOVE the brown...I'm having a "brown thing" myself and I think that will be the next bedroom color...It's beautiful and I love it.


PAT said...

Wow, Linda! Your yard and gardens look amazing!

The bathroom turned out fabulous.

We had another earthquake/aftershock overnight, apparently. This one a 4. something. We didn't feel that one either. We were at the lake during the one the other day..didn't feel that one either. I think Molly did, though.