Wednesday, April 23, 2008

A Bitter Sweet Workday!!!

Today we cooked all day......we each brought all our ingredients for two or three dishes and then cooked together for our SWEET FRIEND, SUSIE! You see, Susie's son and daughter in law just had this beautiful baby you see below. She was born a week ago and has already had her share of issues........she is "downs syndrome" and has already had two major operations. At the age of 3 HOURS OLD.....LIBBY was operated on to connect her digestive system properly. Monday of this week she had heart surgery. This little sweet-heart has been through soooooo much (not to mention her mom, dad, brother and sister). We....including her Grandma, Susie, (seen in the center of the collage) made up all kinds of soups, casseroles and dinners for the family! They are spending all day at the hospital and are so wrought with fear and pain. I ask you for your prayers on baby LIBBY'S behalf!
This family has known about the condition since the first several months. They have also known about all the problems that Libby would encounter when entering this world, but were so anxious for her to arrive and to get going on making her better! The doctors have been so attentive and wonderful to the family and the baby.........we do have some of the best doctors in the country here in St. Louis! Now all we can do is pray that Libby starts getting stronger and is soon able to come home:D This strong young family is quite an example to all of us...for their faith in GOD and for their strength and love. Below is precious little Libby......just a little angel.



jeanette said...

Thanks for sharing your friend's story. We will add Libby and her family to out prayers. My little Sydney is 9 months old with downs and she is a pure joy. Libby's family will see God's love and joy in little Libby. They are truly blessed


JUST ME said...

Thanks for sharing this special story/baby with us.....What a cutie. I have FAITH.... I can see the light and love of GOD surrounding her and her family. Blessings to all...

GOD be with you all.

Angelica Torrez