Friday, April 04, 2008

APRIL is "Autism Awareness Month"


As many of you know,
my granddaughter Margo is Autistic!
The numbers are staggering
the disorder is baffling!
One child in every 150 born will be diagnosed with Autism this year!
Please help in anyway you can......
we need to find the reason for this disorder and ways to help these children find their voices. There is much being done in the field of research,
it will not be enough until we have won the battle.
Just Google the word "Autism" and you will find all kinds of ways to help!


ArtsyMama said...

Love this post! I posted a similar thing on the same day. My son is autistic.

Cookie said...

I went to school with a wonderful singer/songwriter who is a very strong advocate for autism awareness. If you are not familiar with her, you might enjoy visiting her blog. She's a lovely woman.

Keeping you in my prayers,
Cookie Sunshine