Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Let it snow....let it snow....let it snow....

My sweet daughter in law sends me almost daily pics of the boys....especially when I don't get to see them in person for a few days! Today we received almost 9" here in Eureka and it was a beautiful snow if you could look at it from inside your cozy home! It was pretty nasty if you were driving. You see, here in ole Mo. we still haven't learned to drive in the snow:( Cars and trucks going off one side and then the other of most highways. Three of our major highways were closed down this afternoon.......from accidents not just snow. It took my son almost an hour to move 1/10th of a mile and my step-daughter an hour and a half to move a couple miles up the road! We are definitely "snow driving challenged" here in the heartland:D
Anyway here are some of the pics Sheila sent me of the twins in the snow and Chase trying to feed the monkeys apples:D

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