Monday, March 24, 2008

K.C. Week-end....


We left our little city packed in sandbags! Not knowing what damage we would come home to:( I took a couple of shots on the way out of town. The water was headed for our little historic shopping area (Downtown) and had already claimed the Eureka High School soccer and baseball fields. The road was closed after we left and we weren't sure how we were going to get home on Sunday! We live on the crest of a hill so we had nothing to worry about personally, but were feeling very sad for our friends that were not as fortunate....... Once in K.C. we had such a good time. My daughter-in-law, Arica, and I always have so much fun! We headed for the NEW "NELL HILLS" and what a store it is:D OMG chocked full of goodies and eye candy! We all visited the new "Power and Light District" area of Downtown K.C. where all the rest. and bars open into a common area with huge T.V. screen and seating area. Then it was off to bowl a few! Fun but not something I would want to do on a regular see, I am really lousy and am always bringing up the rear...LOL Arica and I headed to 1154LILL where I designed a purse (my birthday present from the kids)! A little lunch of coconut chicken salad and then off to "Curious Sofa"....where I had a gift certificate from the kids (Christmas). Charming as always, the store really stirs up the creative juices. I felt like "Queen for the Day" this week-end! Collecting lovely gifts along the way:D The guys played golf all day Sat. so they were happy as clams. Great dinners out and the love of the kids around us.....couldn't ask for anything more!



PAT said...

O my goodness, Linda...I would love to visit Curious Sofa! I knew you would like Nell Hill's.

I thought about you all, while watching the flooding. When we crossed the Missouri on our way to Chesterfield today, I couldn't believe how much water was there. No more islands, that's for sure. We're a tad worried about the snow melt up north and what might be in store for folks on the rivers, later this spring.

I enjoyed your KC photos, so much!

Donna O. said...

What a perfect time! And who cares about the order of the photos- they are ALL wonderful.
I hope your friends fared okay with the floods. You, too.

nelda said...

Look at you, Miss Skinny-Winny Cutie Pie! That diet paid off. Nice pics of KC. My heart goes out to those who experienced flooding. Sure hope they are recovering now.

Beth said...

what a great trip !!!
I've been watching the news and oohhh...poor Eureka !
Having lived in Chesterfield, I knew where they were talking about on the news.

The pictures are beautiful....and if a picture ends up where you don't want it, you can always delete it and re-add.

I know it's hard and in my mind when I load pictures I have to think it in the last picture added is my first picture posted !

The Feathered Nest said...

Oh Linda, I haven't visited you in so very long and how wonderful that you had this amazing trip and a gift certificate to Curious Sofa??!! You were one of my first blogging friends and I thank you for that!!! I'm writing for Somerset and should have articles out this summer, can you believe it?? I must add you to my bloglines because I just love your work and those precious grandbabies! xxoo, Dawn

Sandi said...

My daughter lives in KC. Love Curious Sofa. Haven't been to Nell Hill's yet, but it's on my list.
Finally got a pic and thank you posted of the lovely Spring banner. Thanks for that and the yummy wallpaper.