Monday, March 10, 2008

In Case You Are Interested:D

I found the instructions
for making
the "Sock Monkey" online
thought I would pass it on!
here is the website for purchasing the Rockford Red Heel Socks!
We are all about "Sock Monkeys" here!
I just completed a birthday present for my sister's granddaughter, Gracie!
She will turn ONE on my birthday next week
I thought she might like this:D
The last shirt is for the shop, Recycled Rose!
(the sock monkey images are from Nick and Nora P.J.'s I got thrifting:D
I just bought another P.J. top on ebay....same images but pink background.)



Lee W. said...

you are a goddess!

Judy said...

You are very kind - can i use those sock monkeys to stuff in my ears when someone is snoring beside me???