Sunday, March 16, 2008


My precious daughter and my baby Margo!!!! Margo hasn't wanted me to take her picture for several months now and has a difficult time being in a we had our annual Easter Egg Hunt and lunch and she took part in all of it:D YEA!!!! Usually she has cried or stayed in her room (she has a room at my house that all the grandkids share:) She smiled and talked a little, ate and even picked up a few eggs:D She made her grandma sooooooo happy!!!!! Isn't she lovely:D Her little smile will warm my heart for the next week:)



PAT said...

O my gosh Linda, I'm all misty eyed. Margo's smile is so sweet. I know you treasure it!


Sue said...

Linda I have tears in my eyes too, as I know how very much this means to you. That is huge step for Margo and I am sure knowing she has such a loving family that accepts her has helped her feel more comfortable participating. I am truly happy for you and for Margo!!!!!! She is adorable!

Linda said...

SWEEEET!!! linda, too

Laura said...

I am so glad Margo was having a fun day! She is such a sweetheart! I love her outfit!!! and your daughter's dress is tres chic too!!!

Happy, happy for you!