Friday, March 14, 2008

Eleven Eleven Mississippi.......

Tonight we had our family Birthday dinner at one of my favorite restaurants, "Eleven Eleven"! We got the wine room which is a private room right in the middle of the rest. with window walls looking out into the restaurant on three sides......Perfect place to have the babies so that they can run around and not bother anyone:D Dinner was out of this world as always and their famous dessert of "gooey butter cake" was enjoyed by all! Sheila, Chris and the twins live right across the street which makes it even nicer........Nothing like family to make your heart swell:D Thanks San, for the pics. I can't believe you got them to me so quickly:D


missy j said...

Happy Birthday!
Hope your day was wonderful!

Linda said...

Oooh, we'll have to try out the restaurant; I never heard of it. So glad you are celebrating big time! linda, too

JUST ME said...

looks like you had a super fab time.

I am happy that you did.