Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Well......The Girls Are Gone.....

Today was workday at my house......
and my windows and more are clean and shiny!!!!
For those of you that didn't read about this group, you might be interested:D
This is a group of 4 women (friends for years)
that decided long ago to make a luncheon date really count!
Each week
we meet at one home and work doing whatever that girl wants and needs done:D
The day is broken up with a lovely lunch
served by the hostess where we are working!
We have had some interesting days........
I am a new member as of a month ago....Yippee!
Today we had a great lunch of chicken salad with grapes and pecans
served on a bed of leaf lettuce.
Fresh fruit,
oat bread with pumpkin seeds
poppy seed muffins.
We laughed and chatted over spiced tea and soda.
We are usually finished by about 2:00 in the afternoon and head our separate ways. As usual the day was full of laughter,
good music,
food and friendship!
What a great way
to barter
for a little work that you need done around the house
don't want to tackle by yourself.
The work goes so much faster when you have 8 hands working
instead of just your two.
It doesn't hurt that these are close friends
that you feel comfortable around....
they are in every cabinet, closet, nook and cranny of your home.
No false pride here.....
what you see is what you get:D
I would recommend this to any group of is more fun than work!
I also learned some cool tricks.
One of the girls, Sally, is very GREEN! She doesn't like using chemicals commercially made for many .....we washed the windows with two buckets of water. One had only three drops of liquid detergent in it while the other was just water. We used rags instead of paper towels (eco friendly as well). Once the window is washed with the slightly soapy water it is rinsed with another rag and clear water. Then it is onto drying with soft clean rags. They turned out beautifully with NO STREAKING!! Although it was cold, we did the outside too:) Now we are ready for the Super Bowl Party on Sunday!
The girls also helped my pick a dark gray/brown color for my hall bathroom. If I don't get it done, they will paint it next time it is my turn:D


Jill said...

I love your kitchen!!! The high ceiling... and window! What fun... great friends and a great time...
The box arrived!!! Did I tell you??? My brain is mush. Love all the treasures inside!!! What a lucky duck I am!
Thank you so much!!!

Sherry said...

What a fabulous idea for a girls day!!!! And I love your kitchen!!

madrekarin said...

What a fabulous idea!! What is that saying? "Many hands make light work." And to have fun while you are doing it is a bonus!
I may have to borrow this idea. :)

Linda said...

Yes; FAB idea! I have 3 girlfriends that get together weekly to practise tai-chi. We do more eating than practising, but the benefit is that I now can do at least the beginning moves of Wong style tai chi! Very fun, but it doesn't get rid of cobwebs! Linda,too.

PAT said...

This is just the greatest idea, Linda!


One Crabapple said...

I think this is just the KOOLEST thing that you all get together and help housekeep. What a GREAT Feeling to know it is allll wonderfully cleared and cleaned right now. Whewww ! you deserve a little cocktail of choice after all that. Your lunch / goodies for The Girls sounds Super !!!

xxo- I am picturing you enjoying it all .... ah.

One Crabapple said...

oh yes, and your house IS INDEED GORGEOUS !!! as are You old friend....