Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Opening doors in the New Year!

Ulla posted a "wish list" instead of making New Years Resolutions......and I was taken with this idea! I never manage to keep my resolutions past the first month anyway.....LOL So, following Ulla's lead, I am publishing a "wish list of my own"......

I wish to spend more quality time with my family!
I wish to be a better friend!
I wish to care less about what I look like, and more about my actions!
I wish to be a better cook!
I wish to be more creative in my everyday life!
I wish to spend more time doing for others and less fortunate!
I wish to be less serious and laugh more!
I wish to take every minute I have left and savor it.......good or bad!
I wish to create more artwork!
I wish to read more and spend less time in front of the T.V.!
I wish to be the BEST mother, sister, wife and grandmother I am capable of......
I wish to make others happy, in whatever mode that may take!
I wish to worry and fret less and comfort more!
I wish to be more careful with our earth, our resources and all that we have!
I wish to waste less and purchase less!
I wish to be more forgiving.....
wherever that may apply!
I wish to give more to others!
I wish to learn all that I can and not pass up an opportunity!
I wish all of you your hearts desires!!!!! Happy New Year.....love, Linda

(the doors were photographed in Lafayette Square, St. Louis, Mo.)



Ulla said...

Linda! These are wonderful!!! When I first made my list, I didn't think it would touch so many others, it was so easy to do. But I am relishing that you have taken it a step further... May all your wishes come true! Happy New Years!

Erla Erlingsdóttir said...

Dear Linda.
What wonderful books, and what a great blog you have.
I hope it is ok if I add you as a link.
All the best wishes for you and your lovely family for 2008.
Erla in Iceland

missy j said...

Beautiful doors and wishes!
I may give this a try!

misty mawn said...

i wish all of these things, too! what a perfect list! I hope all of your wishes do come true!
Here's wishing you a most wonderful new year!

Becky said...

Another gal with a list. I practically forgot my new years resolution on the first day- to make a collage a day in my date book. already, had to throw something together at 10 pm last night. i couldn't bear to tell people that i din't make it with mine past the first day! Happy New Year Linda! Love, Becky

One Crabapple said...

Hello and Happy New Year !
I think you probably already ARE The BEST mother , sister, wife and grandmother !

Here's to You !


Tautchia said...

I love your wishlist! I've been thinking along the very same lines.

Ahh... the doors of Lafayette Square. I've attended the spring home & garden tour & it is so inspiring. There is beauty everywhere!

Happy New Year!