Saturday, January 12, 2008

The Men in My Life!


Last week-end the kids called and asked if we wanted to meet them at the fantastic "Pizza Place"! There are other places like this but this was huge.....bowling alley, bumper car track, real race track with engine run adult size race cars, miniature golf and all the games too:D The food area is huge also....with every kind of pizza you have ever heard of and more! There are about 6 dining rooms that you can choose to eat in.....some featuring theater size screens with children's videos running non stop! To top the whole thing off......THE PIZZA WAS FANTASTIC:D
Chase was crying when we arrived. It appeared there was something wrong with his left arm, but as they looked back to when the crying started....nothing had really happened to cause him pain. He walked around with a sad look and his left arm hanging at his side. We were all concerned because he never even attempted to use it....and....he is left handed:( He cried off and on and looked soooooo unhappy! Then, out of the blue, another little boy came along and knocked him over........well, being overly concerned about his arm we all made over him! All of a sudden he started using his arm. Just a little at first and then the little smile returned. Pretty soon he was running around laughing and the arm was working!!!!!!!!! The only thing that I can figure is that it was out the socket and when he was pushed knocked it back in! All is well and he is a happy little boy again. HOW STRANGE IS THAT?

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angelica said...


You need to tell me where this place is. Is it on Lindbergh somewhere south of 40? Looks like my boys would enjoy it.

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