Monday, January 07, 2008

I Have A Problem!!!!!!!

Here is my dilemma.......I go antiquing, estate sale-ing, and thrifting more than I should:D Anybody relate? Well, I see these wonderful things that are being sold at ridiculously low prices and I can't hard as I try, and believe me I try.....I still hold them in my tight little hand and won't let go! This is an illness and I recognize it as such:D Now here is the REAL PROBLEM! I have no one else to give to.......I have almost worn out my gifting welcome with several family members......they see me coming with gift in hand and wonder what are THEY going to do with it:D My hubby just looks at me as he helps me unload the car and rolls his eyes......I have even resorted to leaving things in the car to be unloaded when he leaves for golf....silly girl:) Now, you say just don't go any more and that would make sense, but like a cigarette habit.......about noon the nagging feeling comes over me.....and I say to myself, "well, maybe just this one more time". I know it is a lie when I say it, but it gets me over the guilt of jumping in the car and heading for the closest Goodwill! I think I need "REHAB".................. So, this brings me to my creative solutions.... 1. EBAY........yes, I am again listing things on the international SALE-A-RAMA! It has been years and much to my surprise it is much easier:D They have taken the bugs out and you can have an item listed in the drop of a hat! 2. My second solution is.........another BOOTH at the local Antique Mall! I checked it out today (after being on the list for several weeks) and sure enough, they have a place for me to call home:) I will sleep good tonight, because I have creatively solved my problem and yet, do not have to give up my habit at all! Oh life is soooooooooooooo good:)

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cindy said...

Booth and Ebay...awesome. I can't wait to see what your booth will look like, I hope you will post pics. I tried to get out of a booth for a few years, but I think once it gets in your blood, you're hooked. Cause it's all about the "hunt"...LOL...for me anyway. Can't wait to see.