Saturday, November 10, 2007

Party Central.....

Last night we celebrated my sis, Sandy's, Birthday (Nov. 10th) and my son, Chris' (Nov. 11th) Birthday! I cooked all day and prepared breads all week.....and the result got many compliments! I fixed three kinds of soup.....chili, potatoe-cheddar, and butternut squash-apple. Then I made breads......pumpkin, cranberry/orange, gingerbread,beer, white and banana/nut! I thought if would be fun to try something different and it was:D Unfortunately my daughter-in-law got sick the night before and was unable to attend......WE MISSED YOU SHEILA! Then, my nephew and his wife had a flat tire on the way and were very late........
Margo didn't have much fun because she is used to her usual routine when she comes to Nana and Papa's house and never could adjust! Too many people and change of routine threw her for a loop! She stayed in her room most of the time and was sad:(
Dinner was a "Smashing Success". BUT.....and there is always a but.......after everyone except my sis and hubby had left and most of the dishes were dawned on me that the darling "Ice Cream Cake" was still in the freezer with candles ready for lighting.....BUMMER!!!!!!
Well, San and I and the guys enjoyed the cake without everyone else and sent the rest home with my sis to have Sunday night when she will have dinner for her family:D All is well!!!!

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donna o. said...

Isn't that always the way??? Just like the jello mold that never makes it onto the Thanksgiving table!! Except ice cream cake is sooooo much better!!