Monday, October 22, 2007

Don't Make Me Walk the Runway!!!

(jacket revised in top photo.....thanks Nelda! I think the ruffle is perfect:D)
My little princess is NO MODEL! I should really post some of the odd pics I have of her....when asked to model the clothes I have made her:D The last outfit I photographed while she laid on the kitchen floor....LOL This little girl hates the runway and the look of my camera......could it be that I over do it? Surely not....ha..ha! I don't think she really knows what I want, but if only she would stand still....grandma would be happy:) It doesn't take alot to make grandma happy! is the little skirt I made the other night after she went to sleep. She had come over in another little skirt I had made and evidently she had worn it many times because I was starting to look faded and wilted. I made the little jacket after she left.....not I think the sleeves are too short and I will have to take out the sleeve hems and do something with that.....but anyway, here it is! The jacket is a large brown and green polka dot corduroy and the skirt is several cotton prints I found along with a piece of small polka dotted brown and green (matches exactly) cotton. I really like the patchwork idea and will do this again:D


nelda said...

Love that patchwork skirt. How about lengthening the sleeves of the jacket with a contrasting ruffle?

Jill said...

ooooohhhh! I love this! Polka dots just make me happy!!! And what is wearing that sweet skirt is just precious! Hug her tight!

nelda said...

Wow, Linda, that ruffle and pin put this jacket over the top. It was really cute before, but now you've made it designer chi-chi.

Pattie Donham said...

awwwww, how very cute! the ruffle is so feminine, and the rosette sets everything off. very darling, and i simply love it all. Pattiewack