Sunday, September 30, 2007

Staying Young:D

The last 6 days have been..."With Child"....or maybe "Children"! We have had more fun! We had Margo last Wed. and Thurs. night and the twins came Thurs. eve for a week-end stay! Wasn't sure if I would be up to it.....but all went VERY WELL! Loads of laughing and fun with little down time:D We went to the park a couple of times where the twins dove head down the slides....Oh My....scared to me to death! Lots of snacks and naps too........Flea Market, Garage Sales, Mall for new shoes and jackets......Dinner out and so much playing on the deck:D Mom and Dad are on their way back from Chicago as I write and we will have pork steaks and a late lunch together before saying good-bye:( It has been fun and reminded me "How Much I enjoyed Raising My Kids:D:D:D!

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