Monday, September 10, 2007

"Rockin Girl Blogger".......thank you Cory!

Sometime ago Cory, of Art with Moxie, awarded me the "Rockin Girl Blogger" award! I have waited a bit to list more of my favorite blogs because I wanted it to really mean something:D After much thought......I wanted to introduce you to a few blogging buddies that have thoughtful and well rounded blogs going!

Sandy Haynes........Roxy with the Moxy.....wonderful portrait artist and my beloved sister. She creates wonderful food, beautiful quilts and gorgeous artwork! Check her out and let her know you were there:D It makes such a difference when we know people are really out there!

Angelica.......Be True Be U.........a real treasure hunter! Always finding a cache of vintage goodies:D My kind of girl....and....a St. Louis girl:D

Anna Maria....... Anna Maria Blog.....a fabric designer and artist! Her fabrics are available through Free Spirit Fabrics:D She is not only talented, but a sweet spirit herself!

Sharon of Red Lead PaperWorks........Sharon's Blog.....a fabulous store here in St. Louis that all of from around here know about......thought you should know of them also:D Chris and Sharon are two extremely creative sisters that run a store like NO OTHER!!! They have an online shop as well and an Etsy. Check them out for your creative boost or creative supplies....enjoy! You can get to the shop from Sharon's blog:D


Anonymous said...


I am honored... Thank you... I love treasure hunting and my dream will be one day to either open my little space at an antique store or maybe sell at Flea Markets. I grew up going to the flea markets in Chicago on Sundays with my parents. I love it and actually have introduced it to my older son and he loves going with me. We get to the flea market in Wentzville by at least 7:30 the latest....sometimes you hit the jackpot and sometimes you don't. Honestly, that is the thrill of the hunt. Thanks again and hopefully one day we can get together and spend some time treasure hunting.

Love, Angelica Torrez

Roxy with the Moxy said...

Lin, thank you, and I love you. I feel privileged to be in such great "company". I really don't consider myself a very good blogger, but I try and keep up ! ha ha...
I am learning new things everyday, and for that I am most appreciative !