Monday, September 24, 2007

Country Club Plaza Art Fair and weekend pics...

My sister and husband joined us in a visit to my son and daughter-in-laws in K.C. this past week-end. The week-end was full of fun, art show, golf and relaxing! Friday night the Plaza Art Fair was pretty much rained out! We stood under an awning for an hour waiting for the down-pour to end. Met some interesting people from Egypt (film makers). Sandy got a few good shots to do portraits from:D Sat. was full of sun and art show for the girls. I saw 1154 Lill and we had to stop where Arica designed a darling bag......can't wait to see it when it is finished....about 3 weeks. Below I will put the site if you are interested. Sandy and I purchased some wonderful earrings from a place I bought from last year. Gorgeous jewelry with SUCH DETAIL!!!! Next it was lunch at my favorite on the Plaza.....Baha's Mexican outside garden......good salad and tea and off for more shopping:D Next we found this WONDERFUL FABRIC STORE..."Kaplans" right on the main drag! Well, after an hour or so of shopping we were off for an iced coffee:D Once home, it was relaxing conversation and snacking on pizza. Jeff and Arica have just had a beautiful garage built (not quite finished) but really nice. We played a fun game and then off to bed. Did I mention that the guys played golf all day? Snore.....snore.......I have included my favorite of the week-end. Three little girls waiting to perform on one of the many stages. They were so precious I clicked and clicked:D

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PAT said...

Linda, I want to go back to Country Club Plaza!! Hopefully when Mary Carol Garrity opens the new Nell Hill's, in KC, in November, we can make a little trip over there. They should have the Christmas lights going by late November, shouldn't they?

My cousin's daughter was married in the rose gardens at Loose Park in 1999. We stayed near the plaza and enjoyed it over the weekend.
That was the last time, we were there.

I love the photos. Looks like you had a wonderful time.

I'm going to check out the jewelry!