Sunday, August 05, 2007

Up to my Old Tricks......ha..ha...

I used to do this all the time but then my job got in the way:D I stayed up all night last night and got a lot done! Let me explain.......after our garage sale yesterday, I was bushed! I got home after two small errands and fell into bed for a nap:) That was at 3:30 pm. 9:30 pm I staggered out of bed wondering where I was and who I was:D Once I got my was out of the question to think about bed again in an hour or so..........I decided to finish some of the presents I was making for the group Birthday Party today! I made, after several major mistakes, two little for Margo and one for Josie to start school in......I won't go into all of it, but have you ever cut two fronts instead of a back and front of anything you are sewing? I did....and it made for much juggling and several trips back for new pattern and more fabric! What a mess! Anyway, it is all O.K. now and here they are. Margo's still needs the buttons and button holes. The princess outfit is made out of a satin sheet I got at Goodwill and some lace from a dust ruggle. The top is a cut off t-shirt from G.W. with a little lace and ribbon added. Josie loves to play princess and actually wears her P.dresses to shreads:) Now the boxes..............................My sweet hubby is getting into the act! He is giving each grandchild the new commerative dollars that are being published with the images of the Presidents on them. I suggested making a little box or something to collect them he went on his own to H.L. and brought home all these cute little boxes. After asking me to borrow some of my supplies....tee...hee.....he asked for a few suggestions. After a few tips he was on his way........aren't they cute? The kids won't believe this was his idea and he did them all by himself!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I penciled in the names and he went over them with paint pen....but the rest was HIM! Hope they like them:D


nelda said...

What an awesome Grandad! The boxes are wonderful. Such a good idea. And I love the outfits you're sewing.

Donna O'Brien said...

How cute is he?? YOU are a lucky gal to have a man want to borrow your goodies. Uh.... you know what I mean!